Custom Requests

While the reference materials Verichem Laboratories produces are designed for compatability with most wet methods, we also recognize the opportunity to create distinct products for analyzer manufacturers.  Many Verichem Laboratories formulations are adapted or customized  by leading diagnostic system manufacturers as routine calibration materials, since all Verichem non-enzyme standards are FDA Class II Calibrators.

Verichem Laboratories offers custom product development for methods with specific verification parameters. Requests will be assessed based on volume projections as well as research and development costs.  Verichem Laboratories, Inc. is a FDA registered, cGMP facility located in Providence, Rhode Island.

For an OEM product development assessment contact Verichem Laboratories, Inc.
at (800) 552-5859 or e-mail to



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9040 Ammonia Iron Std Kit
9046 Ammonia Iron Std, Level F
9450 Bilirubin Std Kit
9436 Bilirubin Std, Level F
9210 Carbon Dioxide Std
9216 Carbon Dioxide Std, Level F
9200 Electrolyte Std Kit
9410 Enzyme ER Verifier Kit
9560 HDL Cholesterol Verifier Kit
9500 Matrix Plus Chemistry Ref Kit
9506 Matrix Plus Chemistry Ref, Level F
9550 Matrix Plus Cholesterol Ref Kit
9556 Matrix Plus Cholesterol Ref, Level F
9480 Microprotein Std Kit
9460 Total Protein Albumin Std Kit
9466 Total Protein Albumin Std, Level F
9456 Tru-Zero Bilirubin Std
9000 Urine Chemistry Std
9670 Ethanol Std Kit

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